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Learning That Sticks earns positive review from middle school teacher

September 10, 2020 | McREL’s latest book on the science of learning received a good review from the most persuasive kind of influencer: a middle school teacher.Dr. Laura Von Staden of Tampa, Florida, told readers of the MiddleWeb blog that Learning That Sticks: A Brain-Based Model for K–12 Instructional Design and Delivery, by Bryan Goodwin, Tonia Gibson, and Kristin Rouleau, is “a useful model of learning that includes the key components of recent learning science (interleaving, spaced practice, retrieval practice, etc.) and is worth a read.”

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Changing digital learning from the inside out

Online teaching and learning can be more engaging and effective for students and teachers alike if districts take into account several key considerations when formatting their digital plans and processes. Combining and building on ideas from change management, improvement science, and inside-out systems development, Dr. Kris Rouleau from McREL’s Learning Services team offers seven guiding principles for district leaders who are looking to refine their systemwide approach to digitally mediated learning.

Rouleau, K. (2020). Changing digital learning from the inside out: System-level considerations for shaping online experiences that engage learners and teachers. McREL International.

Using curious conversations to build better classroom relationships

One of the more interesting findings to emerge from studies of curiosity (which I share in my new book, Building a Curious School) is this: Curious people have better relationships.That’s likely because when we’re curious, we ask people questions—about their interests, values, and aspirations. In short, we learn what makes them tick. On top of that, the same studies find that curious people are generally more likable: We all enjoy being around someone who shows genuine interest in us—and conversely we feel irked when a supposed friend goes on and on about themselves without ever inquiring about our own lives.

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Tools for Igniting Curiosity Book Interest

Sustain your students’ curiosity!

Thank you for your interest in Tools for Igniting Curiosity:
Classroom-Ready Techniques for Increasing Engagement and Inspiring the Love of Learning


For teachers, physical absence is no barrier to emotional presence

As we begin (or for our Australian colleagues, continue) a school year unlike any in memory, I’m reminding our partner schools that good instruction is good instruction regardless of the location or platform where the teaching and learning happen. Of course, “good” is a subjective term, so how do I define good instruction? One concept has been my guiding light and always will be, regardless of what challenges the universe throws our way: Relationships.

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Leadership skills to help you navigate crises and challenges

As I’ve touched base with school leaders and former colleagues these past few months (before joining McREL I was a longtime principal and assistant superintendent), I’ve been struck by how often our conversations reinforce the idea that preparing for the predictable also helps you prepare for the unpredictable.

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