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We share your desire to help students and staff be successful and achieve their goals. Our expert researchers, evaluators, and education leaders can help you identify root causes of your challenges, and design and implement strategies for improvement.

No education challenge is too big—or too small—for us to tackle together. Whether you need short-term help or a long-term partner, our researchers, evaluators, trainers, and consultants are ready to help you change the odds of success for your students and staff.

Check out McREL’s Success Stories to see how our commitment to equity has paid off in diverse communities in the U.S. and abroad.

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Professional development and consulting

Our experienced, solutions-driven education consultants provide schools and districts with research-based, tailored guidance, and innovative solutions to help focus on what matters most in raising student achievement.

  • Staff development: We offer extensive staff development and coaching, on- and off-site, for teachers and leaders, including effective classroom instruction across the content areas and leadership development at the school and district/system level.

  • Training of trainers: We’ll help build the capacity of your staff to deliver professional development programs in your school or district.

  • School improvement: We’ll demonstrate effective ways to create a high-performance school culture and guide your school teams through sustainable school improvement initiatives. We also provide customized support for MTSS/RtI initiatives.

  • Technical assistance/consulting: Our tailored services can target specific areas for improvement in your school or district, such as standards analysis, curriculum audits and alignment, data analysis, technology in the classroom, and more.

Research, analysis, and evaluation

We offer research, analysis, and psychometric expertise to states, districts, and other agencies. We can evaluate and analyze programs, grant projects, standards, assessments, and performance evaluation systems, or help you design your own instruments.