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Bryan Goodwin

Bryan Goodwin, CEO & President

Bryan thrives on translating research into practice, scanning the world for new insights and best practices on teaching and leading, and helping educators everywhere adapt them to address their own challenges. A frequent conference presenter, he is the author of Simply Better: Doing What Matters Most to Change the Odds for Student Success, and co-author of The 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching and Balanced Leadership for Powerful Learning: Tools for Achieving Success in Your School. Before joining McREL in 1998, Bryan was a college instructor, a high school teacher, and an award-winning business journalist.

Robin Javis

Robin Jarvis, Chief Program Officer

Committed to ensuring that all children are given high-quality educational opportunities, Robin and her team work with school and system leaders on policies, structures, and practices that help all students succeed. A career educator from Louisiana, Robin was a classroom teacher, a principal, a superintendent, and an administrator at the Louisiana Department of Education. In 2005 and 2006, immediately following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Robin served as the acting superintendent of the Recovery School District in New Orleans, working with the community, neighborhood groups, school board members, and staff to rebuild the school system.

Ron Miletta, Chief of Staff

Ron ensures the seamless functioning and management of McREL’s executive office, providing strategic support to the CEO and leadership team. He directs, monitors, and contributes to corporate and business objectives and other special projects, and oversees our institutional development, information and technology systems, and marketing and communications departments.

Sue Desch, Chief Financial Officer

Since 1991, Sue has been part of the Business Services team, ensuring that McREL is financially able to continue doing the work we do. As CFO, she oversees our fiscal services, manages complex budgets and systems, and upholds the integrity of our operational and regulatory compliance. As a member of the leadership team, Sue also helps develop and implement strategies and policies that enhance corporate success.

Melissa Gray, Chief Human Resources Officer

Melissa’s focus is finding and developing the high-quality staff we have at McREL, leading the creation and delivery of programs, procedures, and guidelines that help engage employees with our organization and our strategic goals. She oversees recruiting, hiring, orientation, benefits, and compensation and, as a member of our leadership team, participates in strategic planning and policy development.

Roger Fiedler, Senior Director of Communications & Marketing

Roger leads a team of communicators who are committed to sharing McREL’s work and stories of success with educators around the world, spreading the word on effective ways to help students, teachers, and leaders flourish. He oversees internal and external communications as well as events and marketing, and works with colleagues across the organization to develop and implement McREL’s communications and visibility plans.

Board of Directors

Patrick Woods, Chair | Director of Talent Management and Diversity, Westar Energy in Topeka, Kansas
Michael Middleton, J.D., Immediate Past Chair | Interim President, University of Missouri
Kenneth Anderson, Chair Elect | Adjunct Professor, University of Nebraska
Deborah Backus, Treasurer | National Director of Strategic Partnerships, Blueprint Schools Network in Denver, Colorado
Mickey Bogart | Instructor, Kansas State University
John Canuel | President, JMCanuel Consulting in Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Michael Ceballos | retired, Wyoming State President, Qwest
Jim Edwards | retired, Assistant Executive Director of Leadership Development, Kansas Association of School Boards
Kimberly Norwood, J.D. | Professor of Law and African American Studies at Washington University in St. Louis
Rita Sablan, Ed.D. | Commissioner of Education, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Public School System


Cheryl Abla, Managing Consultant, 303.632.5604, cabla@mcrel.org
Laura Arndt, Consultant, 303.632.5593, larndt@mcrel.org
Terri Bissonette, Consultant, 303.632.5652, tbissonette@mcrel.org
Whitney Cobb, Consultant, 303.632.5572, wcobb@mcrel.org
Ben Cronkright, Consultant, 808.664.8177, bcronkright@mcrel.org
Tony Davis, Consulting Director, 303.632.5575, tdavis@mcrel.org
Kent Davis, Managing Consultant, 303.632.5537, kdavis@mcrel.org
Kathleen Dempsey, Senior Director, 303.632.5634, kdempsey@mcrel.org
Grace Gutierrez, Consultant, 303.632.5566, ggutierrez@mcrel.org
Barry Harris, Managing Consultant, 808.664.8186, bharris@mcrel.org
Jane Hill, Managing Consultant, 303.632.5529, jhill@mcrel.org
Heather Hoak, Managing Consultant, 303.632.5512, hhoak@mcrel.org
Catherine Johnson, Consultant, 303.459.5036, cjohnson@mcrel.org
Joanne Kelly, Consultant, 808.664.8176, jkelly@mcrel.org
Andrew Kerr, Consulting Director, 303.459.5056, akerr@mcrel.org
Dale Lewis, Senior Director, 303.632.5522, dlewis@mcrel.org
Lisa Maxfield, Manager of Digital Solutions, 303.632.5561, lmaxfield@mcrel.org
Adena Miller, Consultant, 303.632.5530, amiller@mcrel.org
Kristin Rouleau, Consulting Director, 303.459.5042, krouleau@mcrel.org
Susan Ryan, Consultant, 303.632.5531, sryan@mcrel.org
Bess Scott, Managing Consultant, 303.632.5631, bscott@mcrel.org
Matt Seebaum, Senior Director, 303.632.5552, mseebaum@mcrel.org
Bj Stone, Consulting Director, 303.632.5584, bstone@mcrel.org
Mel Sussman, Managing Consultant, 303.632.5589, msussman@mcrel.org
Anne Tweed, Managing Consultant, 303.632.5528, atweed@mcrel.org

Researchers & Evaluators

Sheila Arens, Executive Director of Research, 303.632.5625, sarens@mcrel.org
Karen Bumgardner, Managing Researcher and Evaluator, 304.347.1841, kbumgardner@mcrel.org
Daisy Carreon, Researcher and Evaluator, 808.664.8180, dcarreon@mcrel.org
Tedra Clark, Managing Researcher and Evaluator, 303.632.5629, tclark@mcrel.org
Nitara Dandapani, Research and Evaluation Specialist, 303.632.5518, ndandapani@mcrel.org
Tara Donahue, Managing Researcher and Evaluator, 304.347.0419, tdonahue@mcrel.org
Kimberly Good, Managing Researcher and Evaluator, 304.347.0449, kgood@mcrel.org
Sarah Gopalani, Research and Evaluation Specialist, 303.632.5643, sgopalani@mcrel.org
Phillip Herman, REL Pacific Executive Director, 808.664.8187, pherman@mcrel.org
Hsiang-Yeh Ho, Managing Researcher and Evaluator, 615.565.0104, hho@mcrel.org
Shelby Hubach, Researcher and Evaluator, 303.632.5611, shubach@mcrel.org
Kevin Knoster, Research and Evaluation Specialist, 304.347.0461, kknoster@mcrel.org
Ashli Knotts, Research and Evaluation Specialist, 304.347.0462, aknotts@mcrel.org
Susan Lopez, Program Manager, 303.632.5563, slopez@mcrel.org
Jesse Rainey, Research and Evaluation Specialist, 303.632.5590, jrainey@mcrel.org
Spencer Scanlan, Research and Evaluation Specialist, 808.664.8194, sscanlan@mcrel.org
Susan Shebby, Managing Researcher and Evaluator, 303.632.5613, sshebby@mcrel.org
Joshua Stewart, Researcher and Evaluator, 303.632.5630, jstewart@mcrel.org
Katie Stringer, Director of Research and Evaluation, 303.632.5567, kstringer@mcrel.org
Nancy Taylor, Researcher Specialist, 304.347.5863, ntaylor@mcrel.org