Our experienced education consultants, trainers, researchers, and evaluators provide practical solutions to even the most complex problems. Whether you need short-term help or a long-term partner, our team can help you focus on what matters most to change the odds of success for your students and staff. We collaborate with our clients to help transform mindsets, inspire great education practices, and discover ever-better ways to help students flourish.

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Bryan Goodwin

Bryan Goodwin

CEO & President

Bryan thrives on translating research into practice, scanning the world for new insights and best practices on teaching and leading, and helping educators everywhere adapt them to address their own challenges. A frequent conference presenter, he is the author of Out of Curiosity: Restoring the Power of Hungry Minds for Better Schools, Workplaces, and Lives and Simply Better: Doing What Matters Most to Change the Odds for Student Success, and is co-author of Curiosity Works: A Guidebook for Moving Your School from Improvement to Innovation; The 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching; and Balanced Leadership for Powerful Learning: Tools for Achieving Success in Your School. Before joining McREL in 1998, Bryan was a college instructor, a high school teacher, and an award-winning business journalist.

Sue Desch

Chief Financial Officer

Since 1991, Sue has been part of the Business Services team, ensuring that McREL is financially able to continue doing the work we do. As CFO, she oversees our fiscal services, manages complex budgets and systems, and upholds the integrity of our operational and regulatory compliance. As a member of the leadership team, Sue also helps develop and implement strategies and policies that enhance corporate success.

Melissa Gray

Chief People Officer

Melissa came to McREL International after serving in talent acquisition for a multinational consulting firm and a global auto-parts manufacturer. At McREL she leads internal communications, human resources and legal compliance, staff development and culture, and special projects. In addition, she monitors organizational objectives and performance. She holds an M.B.A. with a specialization in human resources and leadership studies from the Baker College Center for Graduate Studies and a B.A. in English from the University of Michigan-Flint.

Ron Miletta

Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer

Ron leads new product and content development programs, publishing, and the consulting and professional learning services group for McREL. He directs and manages the organization’s marketing, product development, and sales programs. He serves as a member of the leadership team, and supports business and revenue development initiatives. Before arriving at McREL, Ron held progressively senior roles in product development, sales, and marketing at educational publisher ASCD. Ron holds two degrees from the University of Pittsburgh: an M.B.A. with a specialization in marketing and international business, and a B.A. in political science and business.

Sheila Arens

Executive Director
Research, Evaluation & Technical Assistance

Sheila brings a wide variety of experience in basic and applied research to her work at McREL, where she leads research and program evaluation projects that translate to better teaching, better learning, and more effective system improvement. She supervises research and program evaluation staff and oversees large-scale studies, including those for federally funded grants and contracts. She also serves as principal investigator and methodological and project advisor to the research team.

303.632.5625 | sarens@mcrel.org

Tedra Clark

Tedra Clark

Research Director

Tedra provides strategic leadership in developing, planning, and implementing research endeavors in education, particularly in the areas of school climate, instructional practices, formative assessment, and professional development. With more than a decade of experience in cognitive science research and applied education research, Tedra’s expertise includes research design, instrument development, data collection, statistical analysis (including psychometric analysis, hierarchical linear modeling, structural equation modeling, and longitudinal growth modeling), research synthesis, and dissemination.

303.632.5629 | tclark@mcrel.org

Kathleen Dempsey

Senior Director

With 30 years of experience as a teacher and administrator, Kathleen knows what it takes to make an impact in schools. At McREL, she helps schools, districts, and state education agencies with strategic vision, program development, and delivery of training and coaching focusing on academic standards, curriculum, and instruction. She is also the director of the North Central Comprehensive Center, a federally funded regional center operated by McREL that builds states’ capacity to implement and sustain improvement initiatives.

303.632.5634 kdempsey@mcrel.org

Roger Fiedler

Senior Director of Marketing

Roger leads a team of communicators who are committed to sharing McREL’s work and stories of client success with educators around the world, spreading the word on effective ways to help students, teachers, and leaders flourish. He oversees McREL’s external communications, events, marketing, and bookstore efforts. Before joining McREL, he was a school district communications director for 15 years.

303.632.5579 | rfiedler@mcrel.org

Dale Lewis

Dale Lewis

Senior Director
Research, Evaluation & Technical Assistance

Interim Director, REL Pacific

Big-picture systemic improvement for schools and services for special populations of students are Dale’s areas of expertise and experience. He provides strategic vision, direction, and leadership in the development, planning, and implementation of a wide variety of consulting services and technical assistance for districts and education systems. Previously, Dale was director of the Texas Comprehensive Center and director of special education for a cooperative of five Texas school districts.


Kristin Rouleau

Kristin Rouleau

Senior Director
Learning Services & Innovation

Kristin works with schools, districts, and state departments of education as they navigate change and implement practices and structures to reduce variability and increase student achievement. Through consulting, coaching, and facilitation of workshops, she provides services, strategies, and technical assistance to support change efforts. Kristin earned administrative credentials at the University of Washington, and holds an M.A. in Curriculum and Teaching from Michigan State University and a B.A. in Elementary Education from Western Michigan University.

303.632.5547 krouleau@mcrel.org

Beth Watson

Senior Director
Sales & Client Partnerships

Beth deepens McREL’s involvement with school districts, area education agencies, and education departments so teachers, leaders, and students can experience even more success. Bringing McREL’s emphasis on collaboration, Beth blends client connections with data analysis to provide educators with the right solutions to help them achieve their goals. After studying journalism at the University of Colorado–Boulder, Beth dived into the business side of training and education, holding management and executive positions at national learning services providers and an education research firm.

303.632.5536 | bwatson@mcrel.org

McREL Staff

Cheryl Abla, Implementation Advisor, 303.632.5604, cabla@mcrel.org
Max Altman, Researcher, 808.664.8179, maltman@mcrel.org
Mya Birrell-Jackson
, Administrative Specialist, 303.632.5543, mbjackson@mcrel.org
Betsy Callaway, Administrative Specialist, 303.632.5504, bcallaway@mcrel.org
Johanna Carillo, Administrative Specialist, 808.664.8175, jcarillo@mcrel.org
Kara Contos, Payroll/Accounts Payable Accountant, 303.632.5559, kcontos@mcrel.org
Cooney, Facilities Manager, 303.632.5555, kcooney@mcrel.org
Judy Counley
, New Media Developer, 303.632.5548, jcounley@mcrel.org
Ben Cronkright
, Consultant, 303.632.5521, bcronkright@mcrel.org
Marisa Crowder, Researcher, 808.664.8181, mcrowder@mcrel.org
Erin D’Amelio, Research Associate, 808.664.58183, edamelio@mcrel.org
Kent Davis, Associate Director, 303.632.5537, kdavis@mcrel.org
Darienne Dey, Research Specialist, 808.664.8177, ddey@mcrel.org
Tara Donahue, Managing Evaluator, 303.632.5551, tdonahue@mcrel.org
Brittney Fraumeni, Research Associate, 303.632.5560, bfraumeni@mcrel.org
Katie Gao, Communications Specialist, 808.664.8178, kgao@mcrel.org
Tonia Gibson, Consultant, 303.632.5652, tgibson@mcrel.org
Kimberly Good, Managing Evaluator, 303.632.5546, kgood@mcrel.org
Marc Graeber, Business Operations Analyst, 303.632.5647, mgraeber@mcrel.org
Chelsey Grassie, Research Associate, 303.632.5653, cgrassie@mcrel.org
Jackie Hay, Administrative Specialist, 303.632.5646, jhay@mcrel.org

Jane Hill, Managing Consultant, 303.632.5529, jhill@mcrel.org
Hsiang-Yeh Ho
, Managing Evaluator, 304.347.1845, hho@mcrel.org
Samantha Holquist, Researcher, 808.664.8187, sholquist@mcrel.org
Eric Hübler, Writer/Editor, 303.632.5520, ehubler@mcrel.org
Lisa Jones, Researcher, 303.632.5517, ljones@mcrel.org
Marcellus Lewis
, Development Specialist, 303.632.5606, mlewis@mcrel.org
Lisa Maxfield, Program Manager, 303.632.5561, lmaxfield@mcrel.org
Maura McGrath, Knowledge Management Specialist, 303.632.5558, mmcgrath@mcrel.org
Kirsten Miller, Communications Manager, 303.632.5632, kmiller@mcrel.org
Laura Ostrow
, Communications Specialist, 303.632.5539, lostrow@mcrel.org
Bradley Rentz, Researcher, 808.664.8184, brentz@mcrel.org
Jeanette Rope, Senior Controller, 303.632.5540, jrope@mcrel.org
Susan Ryan
, Consultant, 303.632.5531, sryan@mcrel.org
Christine Schmidt, Marketing Consultant, 303.632.5650, cschmidt@mcrel.org
Lylia Shantz, Senior Accounting Associate, 303.632.5502, lshantz@mcrel.org
Susan Shebby
, Managing Researcher, 303.632.5613, sshebby@mcrel.org
Ollie Smith, Accountant, 303.632.5550, osmith@mcrel.org
Mathias Smrekar
, Research Associate, 303.632.5590, msmrekar@mcrel.org
Meagan Taylor, Managing Consultant, 808.664.8180, mtaylor@mcrel.org
Nancy Taylor
, Development Manager, 304.347.1863, ntaylor@mcrel.org
Christina Tydeman, REL Pacific Deputy Director, 808.664.8186, ctydeman@mcrel.org

Board of Directors

Deborah Backus | Chair | National Director of Strategic Partnerships, Blueprint Schools Network in Denver, Colorado
Kenneth AndersonPast Chair | Adjunct Professor, University of Nebraska
John Canuel | Chair Elect | President, JMCanuel Consulting in Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Leanne Emm | Treasurer | retired, former Deputy Commissioner of School Finance and Operations, Colorado Department of Education
Mickey Bogart | Instructor, Kansas State University
Jim Edwards | retired, former Assistant Executive Director of Leadership Development, Kansas Association of School Boards
Rich Elsasser | Executive Director, Region 13 Education Service Center, Texas; former Superintendent, Fayetteville ISD, Texas
Michael Middleton, J.D.
| retired, former Deputy Chancellor and Interim President, University of Missouri