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Professional Development Courses and Events 

McREL International is a nonprofit education research, consulting, and professional development organization that helps teachers, principals, and educators do better work with their students and improve learning outcomes. We offer a variety of online and on-site PD courses, workshops, events, and videos for classroom teachers, principals, and system leaders. All of our professional learning programs are based on research, evidence, and best practices for what really works in K–12 schools.

Check out the categories below to find the right professional learning content and delivery style for your needs. Don’t see the topic you’re looking for? Contact us today, and we’ll talk about creating customized PD sessions that match your exact goals and contexts.

For districts that want a blended professional learning experience combining in-person and online sessions, we can create a solution that works best for your team. Contact us today to get the conversation started.

Learn Online

McREL has a library of online professional development courses for teachers, principals, and school leaders. Learn on your own schedule with these asynchronous, self-paced PD courses. Each course contains videos, presentations, readings, downloadable tools, and active discussion boards to make your learning engaging and practical.

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Learn in Person

Our live, in-person professional learning workshops and events are not your typical “sit and get” PD. Instead, we create dynamic, engaging sessions where you’ll not only get great insights, strategies, and resources, you’ll practice adapting and applying them to your specific classroom needs and school contexts.

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Conferences and Webinars

Our expert consultants and researchers frequently present at regional, national, and international conferences, and in webinars hosted by a variety of organizations. Check out the upcoming conference and webinars where you can learn with McREL.

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Free Videos

Get quick tips and practical recommendations in these brief videos created by our education consultants, authors, and PD leaders.

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Build Your Own PD

Don’t see the exact professional learning session you and your team want? Contact us today to talk about your goals and vision. We can create the right PD content and delivery to match your specific needs.

Contact us

Contact McREL to learn more and see how we can help your school flourish.

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