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Data-Informed Improvement With Power Walkthrough

More than 1.4 million classroom walkthroughs have been conducted around the world using Power Walkthrough. The observation software contains practice-proven templates on effective instructional strategies, which can easily be customized to match your school’s exact needs and specific goals. Power Walkthrough can be used by instructional coaches and school leaders when conducting classroom observations to provide valuable coaching and professional development (PD) teacher feedback. Our user-friendly software records and organizes data from multiple walkthroughs and generates dashboard-style reports to help guide coaching conversations and prioritize PD needs and opportunities.

Tools for classroom observations, coaching, and collaboration

McREL’s Power Walkthrough software helps educators from the classroom to the central office maximize their potential to improve professional practices and make a difference in student achievement. Power Walkthrough helps an entire school or district build a shared language and focus to deepen professional growth, expand skills, and improve instruction.

Power Walkthrough contains templates and frameworks based on McREL’s decades-long research and analysis of effective teaching and leading, including The New Classroom Instruction That Works and Classroom Instruction that Works with English Language Learners.

In order to accomplish school and district goals, it’s important to know what’s going on in the classroom and to use data to understand bright spots and growth areas to support your continuous improvement objectives. Demo accounts and sample templates are available upon request.

Instructional coaching flourishes with Power Walkthrough

  • User-friendly software

  • Quickly records data from multiple walkthroughs

  • Customizable templates to accomplish your goals

  • Easy-to-read dashboard reports

  • Drives professional growth conversations

  • Instant teacher feedback

Watch this video for a sneak peak into using the Power Walkthrough reporting dashboard.

Use classroom insights to build a shared language . . .

. . . that deepens professional growth, expands skills, and improves instruction—by using McREL’s Power Walkthrough. This video walks you through the app navigation, feedback PDF that teachers receive, and the interactive reports used to inform decision making.

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