More than 1.3 million classroom walkthroughs have been conducted around the world using the EmpowerED Suite’s premier product, Power Walkthrough. The software contains practice-proven observation templates on effective instructional strategies, which can easily be customized to match your school’s exact needs and specific goals. Power Walkthrough can be used by instructional coaches and school leaders when conducting classroom observations to provide valuable coaching and PD feedback for teachers. Our user-friendly software records and organizes data from multiple walkthroughs and generates dashboard-style reports to help guide coaching conversations and prioritize PD needs and opportunities.

Power Walkthrough can be purchased as an individual component or as part of the EmpowerED Suite.

Tools for classroom observations, coaching, self-reflection, and overall collaboration

Instructional coaching flourishes with EmpowerED Suite and Power Walkthrough

McREL’s EmpowerED Suite helps educators from the classroom to the central office maximize their potential to improve professional practices and make a difference in student achievement. The EmpowerED Suite, which contains four powerful applications—Power Walkthrough, Coaching, Reflection, and Survey—collectively helps an entire school or district build a shared language and focus to deepen professional growth, expand skills, and improve instruction.

The EmpowerED Suite contains templates and frameworks based on McREL’s decades-long research and analysis of effective teaching and leading, including Balanced Leadership, Classroom Instruction That Works, Classroom Instruction that Works with English Language Learners, and The 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching.

McREL partners with Harris School Solutions (HSS), which provides the technology platform.

The EmpowerED Suite includes the following applications and systems:

EmpowerED Coaching provides a simple, secure way to use video for instructional coaching, peer feedback, self-reflection, and mentoring. Teachers can record classroom video and share it with an individual or team to receive support and feedback, leading to reflective conversations that improve their professional practice.

EmpowerED Survey allows school staff to develop quick and customized surveys to communicate and gather feedback from staff, parents, students, and other school community members. The results are compiled into easy-to-read and shareable reports that reveal stakeholder feedback and important aspects of school climate to help guide improvement efforts.

EmpowerED Reflection helps teachers self-reflect on their instruction and use of strategies using McREL or customized templates. Collaborating with an instructional coach or peer, teachers can use their self-reflection to develop SMART goals and action plans to help track their professional growth.

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