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Planning for Learning Sets Up Students and Teachers for Success

Do you plan for teaching or plan for learning? Or asked another way, when you look at your planning document, who do you see? Your students or yourself?

While teaching and learning may seem like two sides of the same coin, when it comes to lesson planning, your intent and focus matters a great deal.

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Three Effective Teaching Strategies to Support Equitable Learning Outcomes

Ensuring equitable learning experiences for all students is a high priority for educators everywhere and, based on our research, using strategies outlined in The New Classroom Instruction That Works can help teachers make that goal a reality. Many of the studies supporting the new CITW strategies were conducted in classrooms and schools that served diverse populations and helped close or reduce performance gaps.

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3 Ways to Foster Family Relations for Learning Success

Unhappy families can derail a school’s best laid plans. And after the challenging past few years of pandemic-related disruptions to school routines, some parents and caregivers may be feeling disconnected or dissatisfied with their child’s school. In the September issue of Educational Leadership magazine, Bryan Goodwin and Tonia Gibson from McREL share three priorities schools can focus on to restore parent confidence and satisfaction.

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How one district is helping principals recapture the focus on instructional consistency

Last week we described how the Deer Valley school district in Phoenix is aiming to reestablish instructional consistency after the Covid shutdowns with technology, but not just technology—with the training and policy tweaks needed to really make it work, too. One Deer Valley principal, Nichole Basl of Legend Springs Elementary School, shared with us how the pandemic abruptly robbed her of the ability to manage instruction, and how she made intentional efforts during and post pandemic to make it a priority once again.

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