About McREL

McREL International helps educators flourish by turning research into solutions that transform teaching, learning, and leading.

McREL is a nonprofit, nonpartisan education research and development organization that since 1966 has been helping schools, districts, universities, and corporate clients to translate information into knowledge, knowledge into action, and action into results.

We help our clients analyze their performance, identifying the root causes of challenges in their systems and finding the hidden bright spots they can leverage and scale up to make an even bigger difference for more students.

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Using a collaborative, partnership-oriented approach, we design and implement practical action steps to help our clients achieve their goals. Our areas of expert service include:

  • Analysis and alignment of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and standards
  • Professional learning, development, and coaching for teachers, principals, and system leaders
  • Research, data analysis, and program evaluations
  • School improvement strategies, implementation support, and technical assistance

We believe in context and customization. We don’t deliver one-size-fits-all programs and products. Instead we study the research and evidence on what works in schools and match best practices to the unique needs of every educator, school, and system we collaborate with.

Our insights and strategies, while customized for each client’s situation, are all founded on McREL’s collection of highly regarded research-based frameworks and models, including:

Who does McREL work with? A diverse mix of schools and districts (public, charter, and private), state and federal education departments, regional service agencies, foundations, ed-tech companies, and colleges and universities. We work with school systems large and small from rural, suburban, and urban communities across the U.S. and around the world.

Our clients have included:

  • A mid-sized district that believed (correctly) that investing in school leadership training would pay off in student achievement.
  • A large urban district that needed to ensure teachers in every classroom used high-quality instructional strategies every day.
  • A statewide online school that needed to unite its far-flung faculty through professional learning communities.
  • A rural educational service agency that craved a sustainable, affordable model for ongoing professional development.
  • A charter school whose goals were to become more intentional with their teaching practices, support students’ social and emotional needs, and raise students’ and teachers’ expectations of what they could accomplish.
  • An ed-tech company that needed to gather evidence of effectiveness for its product.

In addition, we touch thousands of students’ and educators’ lives through our management of federally funded Regional Educational Laboratories and Comprehensive Centers.

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