We strive to help all educators be the best they can be—which is why we offer a number of resources that help teachers and leaders improve their skills and gain insight into best practices in the field.

Success Stories

Need some inspiration or new ideas on how to approach a particular challenge in your school or district? Our clients have faced similar challenges to yours. Read their success stories to see how we’ve helped them achieve their goals. Use these cases as inspiration or guidance for your organization and, if you want to know more about this work, contact us to see how we can help you achieve similar goals.


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Changing Schools

Our award-winning, biannual magazine explores the topics that matter most to educators with in-depth articles on improving practice, research reviews, interviews with experts, and success stories. Read our latest issue online, or browse past issues and articles.


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Compendium of Standards

Our online Compendium synthesizes significant standards, benchmark documents, and lesson plans across every subject area, including Career Technical Education topics and Life Skills. Presented on its own website in a handy, searchable format, this valuable resource for schools, districts, and states includes the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), links from CCSS to our Compendium language arts and math benchmarks, and early childhood standards (birth to 36 months).


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McREL Blog

Our expert researchers, evaluators, and veteran educators synthesize information gleaned from our research and blend it with best practices gathered from schools and districts around the world to bring you insightful and practical ideas that support changing the odds of success for you and your students. By aligning practice with research, we mix professional wisdom with real world experience to bring you unexpectedly insightful and uncommonly practical ideas that offer ways to build student resiliency, close achievement gaps, implement retention strategies, prioritize improvement initiatives, build staff motivation, and interpret data and understand its impact.