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Multilingual and English Learners

Incorporating evidence-based insights from the science of teaching and learning, our resources and professional learning services provide classroom teachers and English learner (EL) specialists with strategies and tools to effectively guide their students through each stage of language acquisition on their journey toward fluency.

By aligning instructional practices with research and blending professional wisdom with real world experience, McREL can help you build your ELL students’ resiliency, close achievement gaps, and sustain and honor their home languages and cultures while also increasing their multilingual fluency.

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Professional Learning/Coaching

We collaborate with schools and districts to examine their current instructional practices for students learning English as a second or multiple language, working together to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth. Drawing on a foundation of research-based best practices and an understanding of the stages of language development, we then develop and deliver professional learning and coaching that is fine-tuned to the specific needs and goals of teachers, EL specialist, central office leaders, and others.

We create sustainable plans for instructional improvement supported with high-quality professional learning and coaching that will make a lasting difference where it matters most—in multilingual students’ learning environment, experiences, and outcomes. With on-site, online, and hybrid services, we can provide school teams with frequent check-ins, visits, coaching, and resources to ensure quality implementation and sustain momentum for continued growth.

Online Professional Learning

Classroom Instruction That Works with English Language Learners: Student Learning Strategies

For classroom teachers and EL specialists, this online, asynchronous, self-paced PD course shows how to use an academic language framework to support multilingual students as they learn vocabulary and language structures that are associated with academic content areas. 

The course contains 15 hours of professional learning content including videos, downloadable resources, example exercises, reflection prompts and discussion boards, and more. Visit our official course site for more information and to see a free preview.

Books & Resources

Multilingual Guide

Multilingual students bring rich cultural and linguistic knowledge with them when they enter school. Classroom teachers can leverage this knowledge to create more reading and writing opportunities, with tips and ideas drawn from this quick reference guide.


English-language learners (ELLs) have specific learning needs and challenges that require a specialized approach.  The tools and steps in this book will help you effectively align your instruction of second-language learners to the higher-order thinking skills.

New Classroom Instruction That Works

Built on a more rigorous research base and updated to emphasize student diversity, equity, and inclusion, The New Classroom Instruction That Works offers a streamlined focus on 14 instructional strategies proven to promote deep, meaningful, and lasting learning.

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