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McREL’s engaging, self-paced online professional development courses for teachers and educators are a convenient and practical way to continue your professional learning and academic advancement.

These on-demand, asynchronous courses are available to you anytime, from the convenience of your home or office.

You can register as an individual or as a team. For assistance with team registrations and payment by purchase orders, please contact us directly.

If you prefer a blended professional learning experience that combines on-site sessions at your school with synchronous and asynchronous online sessions, we can collaborate with you to design a just-right solution for your team.

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Each course gives evidence-based ideas, strategies, tools, and resources you can use right away in your classroom for better student learning. Our instructors, who are all former educators themselves, present information using videos, readings, presentations, interactive activities, downloadable tools, and discussion boards where you can connect with the instructors and other educators to ask questions, get answers, and share ideas and strategies.

Online Courses for Principals

Online PD Courses for Teachers and Educators

On-demand, self-paced asynchronous content including videos, presentations, readings, and professional reflection.
Curiosity, Memory & Learning
$39   |  1–2 hours of PD content

This short self-paced course explains the basics about what sparks people’s curiosity to learn, and how our brains create memories and store knowledge. The course also gives an overview of how to design and present classroom lessons in a way that will better capture student interest in learning and strengthen their memory and application of new knowledge.

Session focus: Effective Lesson Design and Teaching Strategies
Designed for: Teachers, Instructional Coaches & Mentors, PD Leaders

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Creating the Environment for Learning
$39   |  3 hours of PD content

Get practical tips and research-based strategies that can help you establish a classroom environment that supports engaged student learning, drawing on key concepts from Classroom Instruction That Works. At the end of the course, you’ll have knowledge and tools to:

  • Engage students in their learning
  • Help students set high expectations
  • Set quality learning objectives and intentional structures
  • Provide student feedback that reinforces effort and nurtures growth
  • Create positive relationships with students and families

Session focus: Teaching Strategies, Classroom Management
Designed for: Teachers, Instructional Coaches & Mentors, PD Leaders

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Quality Questioning for Student Learning
$129   |  15 hours of PD content

Learn how to better promote your students’ curiosity and deepen their understanding by asking classroom questions that are matched to their learning needs. Key content includes:

  • Characteristics of Quality Questions
  • Cognitive Demand and Questioning
  • Questions to Support Learning Different Kinds of Knowledge
  • Matching Questions to the Stages of Learning
  • Using Questioning to Support a Community of Learners

Session focus: Teaching Strategies, Instructional Design
Designed for: Teachers, Instructional Coaches & Mentors

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Learning That Sticks: A 6-Phase Model for Student Learning
$129   |  15 hours of PD content

Using insights from research on memory and learning, this course presents a 6-phase model for student learning and shows how to sequence and present lessons in a way that best aligns with what’s happening inside students’ brains when they’re learning and applying new academic content. Key content includes:

  • Basic Science of Memory Formation and Recall
  • 6-Phase Model for Student Learning
  • Lesson Planning Aligned to the 6-Phase Model
  • The Role of Curiosity in Engaging and Deepening Learning

Session focus: Teaching Strategies, Instructional Design
Designed for: Teachers, Instructional Coaches & Mentors

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Classroom Instruction That Works with English Language Learners: Student Learning Strategies
$129   |  15 hours of PD content

For classroom teachers and ELL specialists alike, this on-demand, self-paced course will give you practical information about the five stages of language acquisition and the instructional strategies you can use at each stage to help your students progress toward fluency.

You’ll also learn how to use an academic language framework to support your ELL students as they learn vocabulary and language structures that are associated with academic content areas. In-depth examples are provided for math, English language arts, and science teachers.

Session focus: ELL Teaching Strategies and Instructional Design
Designed for: Classroom Teachers, ELL Specialists

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Nurturing a Positive Learning Environment
$129   |  15 hours of PD content

Learn key insights, reflections, and strategies for creating a positive, empowering classroom environment that supports higher levels of student learning. Using a process of self-reflection from the McREL book Pursuing Greatness, this course will help you address four common challenges related to creating a positive learning environment and help you empower students to fully engage in and own their learning experiences.

Session focus: Instructional Strategies, Professional Self-Reflection
Designed for: Teachers, Instructional Coaches, PD Leaders

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The Speaking-Writing Connection
$39   |  5 hours of PD content

Designed for classroom teachers and EL specialists, this course shows why and how to guide and prompt your students to have purposeful conversations in the classroom that can help them become better writers. Lessons include practical ideas and tools you can use with all of your students, including English learners, to promote academic conversations. 3-5 hours of PD content.

Session focus: Instructional Strategies, EL Teaching Strategies
Designed for: Classroom Teachers, EL Specialists

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