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Balanced Leadership for Student Learning: A 2021 Update of McREL’s Research-Based School Leadership Development Program

By June 23, 2021May 2nd, 2024No Comments

In more than a decade of working with school leaders across the globe in a variety of schools—small, large, rural, urban, and suburban—we are more convinced than ever that effective principal leadership has a positive effect on student learning, confirming the findings from our previous Balanced Leadership analysis of research.

In the years since we published School Leadership That Works and school principals, superintendents, and other education leaders first began engaging in our Balanced Leadership professional learning program, the demands on school-level leaders and schools themselves have continued to increase. What hasn’t changed, however, is the relevance of the Balanced Leadership findings and accompanying professional learning that supports principals in carrying out their responsibilities as instructional leaders.

Drawing on new education leadership research and on insights we’ve gathered while working with leaders across the United States, in 2021 McREL updated the Balanced Leadership professional learning program. Those who
are familiar with the long-standing program will find it is far more integrated and focused on applying Balanced Leadership concepts, responsibilities, and practices to real-life problems of practice and high-leverage needs
identified by participants. And it is ever-more centered on student learning as the focus of leadership.

In this paper, we review these connections and describe updates to the professional learning program, now renamed as Balanced Leadership for Student Learning,™  that helps principals have even more impact on student and teacher success.

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