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Study Guide for The New Classroom Instruction That Works

By August 17, 2023March 11th, 2024No Comments

Free Reader’s Guide

Improving instruction for better student learning requires a thoughtful blending of the science of teaching—using proven instructional strategies and techniques—with the science of learning—knowing how students absorb and process new information and form long-lasting, applicable memory and knowledge.

Use this free study guide to reflect on your professional practice as you read The New Classroom Instruction That Works either on your own or with colleagues in a book study to enrich your thinking and conversations about instructional planning and classroom delivery.

How To Use This Study Guide

  • Before reading a chapter in the book, review the chapter’s objectives, success criteria, and guiding questions in this guide.

  • As you read, use this guide to write down ideas and make note of questions that come to mind.

  • After reading, consider the reflection questions. You might choose to reflect on all of them or focus on a few that are most important for your context and your current understanding of the content.

  • Then, commit to a next step; we offer one for each chapter—or you may have a different one you want to pursue.

  • Finally, use the self-assessment for each chapter to reflect on your learning. If you’re not quite there yet, dig back into the chapter or have a conversation with a colleague to continue building your understanding.

  • If you’re working on your own, take time to reflect on your own learning, your progress toward the success criteria, and your developing understanding of how the strategies and six phases work together. If you’re working with one partner, after taking time individually to consider your thinking, discuss the reflection questions with your partner.

  • Share ideas and examples and support one another in trying new strategies

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