For some children, unfortunately, high-quality instruction and challenging curricular pathways alone are not enough to ensure academic success. Children who are exposed to one or more risk factors associated with low achievement, such as poverty, transience, and lack of access to healthcare, account for nearly half of the achievement gap between minority and nonminority students, as we reported in Changing the Odds for Student Success: What Matters Most. The good news, however, is that early, systemic, and ongoing interventions can help these children beat the odds—and our consultants can help you create or improve your systems of support for diverse learners and special populations.

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Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) and Response to Intervention (RTI)

Our customized MTSS consulting addresses your school, district, or state’s specific implementation goals while focusing on building academic, social-emotional, and behavioral systems to ensure all students graduate college- and career-ready. Working collaboratively with you, we can conduct a needs assessment and audit of current practices to help identify and prioritize areas to improve. Together, we’ll select evidence-based solutions that address your needs, which can include coaching and consultation services, on-site workshops, and development of training materials, intervention handbooks, and guidance documents.


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English Language Learners

Our research-based instructional strategies can enhance the achievement of English language learners (ELLs). We help teachers understand the five stages of second language acquisition and their instructional implications, and learn strategies for engaging ELL students in K–12 mainstream classrooms. We also offer facilitator training and a leadership academy to help you strengthen your skills around leading an ELL-focused learning community, facilitate training on ELL strategies, and increase your school or district’s capacity to address the unique needs of ELL students.


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Culturally Responsive Education

Each student enters the classroom with a culturally defined identity that shapes his or her learning experience. We can help you develop and implement culturally responsive instruction practices that enhance learning for all students and deepen their knowledge about their own and other cultures. Our experienced consultants have helped schools and districts, including First Nation schools, create culturally relevant, engaging, standards-based curricula that motivates learning, boosts academic achievement, and increases student efficacy, creating a foundation for a high-quality education for all students.


Selecting School Interventions

Recommended Protocol for Selecting School Interventions

This guide outlines seven key steps for school leaders and leadership teams to take when selecting school interventions to accelerate student growth for either advanced or remedial purposes. From the first step (collecting and analyzing data to identify your priority area of focus) to the last (evaluate the efficacy of the intervention), each one includes multiple actions and questions to consider that will help make the best choices possible for your students’ needs.