McREL helps teachers, instructional coaches, principals, and other school leaders develop and hone their ability to challenge students, develop positive relationships, and consistently deliver high-quality instruction for every learner.

We’re a research-based organization, so you can be assured that the strategies, guidance, and resources we provide to educators during our on-site and online training and coaching sessions are based on analysis of what really works in classrooms to increase student success.

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Instructional Coaching

Use effective instructional coaching practices to create a unified, collegial, and supportive environment for teachers to collaboratively learn with, and from, each other. McREL can help your school or district create effective teacher teams that use peer observations and feedback to address specific instructional goals and spark innovative practices to improve overall instructional practice and support better classroom learning and management.




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Teacher Training

Based on our research, books, and experiences working with educators and students from across the world, our workshops and training show you how to translate research-based instructional strategies into better achievement for all students—at any grade level and in any content area. You’ll learn to implement and sequence these powerful strategies, bring them to life with exercises, rubrics, and tips, and use a framework and planning guide that support 21st century skills.



Free Consult: Get strategic advice for your challenges and goals

Looking for ideas and strategies to help you tackle a challenge or elevate performance? Not sure how to approach your issue, or where to start? Sometimes it helps just to talk it out. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation with one of our experts. We’ll talk with you about your local situation and share relevant research-based, practice-proven strategies that can help you move forward.


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Designing & Auditing Instruction Programs

A research-based approach to instruction ensures all students benefit from high-quality teaching. We consult and collaborate with your leadership teams to conduct a big-picture review of your current needs, analyzing current practices and identifying opportunities for improvement. We’ll provide your teachers with clear guidance and a common vocabulary that describes expectations for instruction, and develop a unique, customized approach designed by and for your district.

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English Language Learners

Our research-based instructional strategies can enhance the achievement of English language learners (ELLs). We help teachers understand the five stages of second language acquisition and their instructional implications, and learn strategies for engaging ELL students in K–12 mainstream classrooms. We also offer facilitator training and a leadership academy to help you strengthen your skills around leading an ELL-focused learning community, facilitate training on ELL strategies, and increase your school or district’s capacity to address the unique needs of ELL students.


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Power Walkthrough®

McREL’s Power Walkthrough software helps educators from the classroom to the central office maximize their potential to improve professional practices and make a difference in student achievement. Power Walkthrough helps an entire school or district build a shared language and focus to deepen professional growth, expand skills, and improve instruction.

Power Walkthrough contains templates and frameworks based on McREL’s decades-long research and analysis of effective teaching and leading, including Classroom Instruction That WorksClassroom Instruction that Works with English Language Learners, and The 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching.

McREL partners with Harris School Solutions, which provides the technology platform.



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Academic Language Learning

Emphasizing the acquisition of academic language for ALL™ students, or Academic Language Learners, we help teachers align content with the vocabulary, syntax, and discourse students need to “sound like a book” while presenting ideas, and use targeted academic language that supports the subject matter and helps students explain their reasoning, arguing from evidence, and asking questions. We can also help you integrate the language demands of CCSS in the content areas for English-language learners.

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Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) and Response to Intervention (RtI)

Our customized MTSS consulting addresses your school, district, or state’s specific implementation goals while focusing on building academic, social-emotional, and behavioral systems to ensure all students graduate college- and career-ready. Working collaboratively with you, we can conduct a needs assessment and audit of current practices to help identify and prioritize areas to improve. Together, we’ll select evidence-based solutions that address your needs, which can include coaching and consultation services, on-site workshops, and development of training materials, intervention handbooks, and guidance documents.


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Teaching Reading & Writing in the Content Areas

Today’s rigorous standards call for increased literacy skills across content areas. These trainings, based on decades of education research and our series of guidebooks, provide a treasure trove of ideas and techniques for teaching and evaluating reading and writing in any content area—and show you how to select and use the right ones for your students. We’ll demonstrate an approach that improves students’ self-regulation skills, shows how to incorporate technology tools, and addresses the influence of the Common Core State Standards.

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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

In the best science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs, students engage in real-world problem-solving and design tangible solutions, creating a purpose and motivation to learn. Our consultants collaborate with schools and districts to design and implement culturally relevant, project-based STEM programs. We can also provide technical support, from frameworks to class lessons across multiple subject areas. We’ll help you identify and develop the best STEM model to meet your needs and provide training that gets your teachers excited about effective STEM teaching practices and lesson design.

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Instructional Technology Implementation

Technology alone will not magically transform the teaching and learning that is happening in your classrooms and systems. However, when you pair sound pedagogy with intentional use of technology to support learning objectives, the results can be dramatic. We help schools and districts be thoughtful about strategically planning their technology adoptions and initiatives, including the PD and coaching that staff will need in order for the initiative to succeed and make a difference. We can also be there with you while you implement a technology plan or one-to-one initiative that enhances instruction and works for your students and staff, guiding the rollout and monitoring outcomes for continuous improvement.

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Technology for Classroom Instruction That Works

Learn to combine research-based instructional strategies—using the nine categories of instructional strategies found in the second edition of our book, Classroom Instruction That Workswith supportive technology to create technology-infused lesson plans that enhance learning across all the content areas. We can show you how to integrate the most effective tools, such as word processing, Internet resources, social media, organizing and brainstorming software, data collection, apps, and multimedia, into classroom instruction. For one-to-one initiatives, we can assess your teachers’ and students’ technology use, audit your school or district’s technology infrastructure, and help you design a sustainable technology plan.

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Technology Audit

This comprehensive analysis of your school or district’s current use of technology includes a teacher technology survey to measure staff comfort with and use of technology; interviews with teachers and principals; targeted professional development; a series of focus groups with district stakeholders; and classroom walkthroughs to collect data on strategies and technologies teachers are using, the context of instruction, and the learning that is occurring. In our final report, we’ll present all the data and provide recommendations and action steps for your school or district technology plan.