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What do your students know right now? What don’t they understand? Formative assessment helps answer those questions, giving just-in-time information that teachers can use to adjust their instruction and personalize learning so that all students can meet today’s “deeper learning” demands. McREL’s consultants and researchers can help evaluate your current practices and provide guidance on how to improve them. We also offer comprehensive resources, including thought leadership on a more balanced formula for assessment and an online professional development course on the formative assessment process.

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Formative Assessment Data Evaluation

To help teachers and administrators understand the benefits and uses of formative assessment, we can analyze your current practices and prepare reports for various stakeholder audiences. We also offer planning and guidance on how to use different types of data and structure a system that works for everyone.

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Re-Balancing Formative Assessment: Placing Formative Assessment at the Heart of Learning and Accountability

In response to high-stakes testing and top-down accountability, McREL’s Bryan Goodwin and co-authors from Measured Progress propose in this white paper a new, more balanced formula for assessment based on curriculum-embedded performance assessments, which better support the deeper learning expected of students today.


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