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White Paper | Peer Coaching That Works: The Power of Reflection and Feedback in Teacher Triad Teams (2017)

By September 28, 2017 January 25th, 2019 No Comments

Teachers are surrounded by the greatest professional development resource ever created: other teachers. So, doesn’t it make sense to team up for mutual support and growth? In this white paper, we describe the research that supports peer coaching and lay out the components of an effective coaching triad, with participants taking turns coaching, being coached, and observing. While school leadership can promote an environment that values and encourages trusting working relationships, the real work of coaching needs to be planned and executed by teachers themselves, the authors say.

Jarvis, R., Dempsey, K., Gutierrez, G., Lewis, D., Rouleau, K., & Stone, B. (2017). Peer coaching that works: The power of reflection and feedback in teacher triad teams. Denver, CO: McREL International.