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Our research has revealed that certain actions and behaviors have a positive effect on student achievement and staff success—and that all school leaders can learn these practices and ways to implement them with efficacy. Through comprehensive consulting, professional development, and coaching, we help school- and district-level leaders find the delicate balance between specific leadership actions—when to emphasize which actions and why—to become true instructional leaders and lift up the performance of all students and staff.

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Balanced Leadership® School Level

Based on the largest-ever analysis of research on effective school leaders, our school-level leadership PD guides principals in choosing the right focus for school improvement efforts; effectively leading changes in your school; and transforming your school culture into a purposeful community that believes it can make a difference. We also offer a consortium for school leadership teams across a state, region, or district and Training-of-Trainer sessions for staff developers wishing to become certified providers.




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District Leadership That Works

This program turns research on effective district leadership into guidance that ensures all leaders across a district are focused on the right practices. We can help you and your district leadership team understand why and how to strike the right balance among the key leadership practices shown by research to positively affect student achievement. We’ll help you identify your existing bright spots, the root causes of your challenges, and your best leverage points for improvement. Together we’ll craft a plan and action steps aligned to your goals that will generate quick wins and long-term, game-changing success for your students and staff.




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Power Walkthrough®

McREL’s Power Walkthrough software helps educators from the classroom to the central office maximize their potential to improve professional practices and make a difference in student achievement. Power Walkthrough helps an entire school or district build a shared language and focus to deepen professional growth, expand skills, and improve instruction.

Power Walkthrough contains templates and frameworks based on McREL’s decades-long research and analysis of effective teaching and leading, including Classroom Instruction That WorksClassroom Instruction that Works with English Language Learners, and The 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching.

McREL partners with Harris School Solutions, which provides the technology platform.


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Monitoring Improvement Efforts

When schools begin new initiatives, they often don’t see the immediate benefits of their work. We’ll show you how to monitor and adjust the implementation of an initiative, including how to use the right tools, measure effectiveness, and make adjustments to increase effectiveness.

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Building Shared Leadership

It takes a team to create and maintain a high-performance school, but some teams may need help getting started. Our workshops and consulting guide your leadership teams in establishing the structures and processes they need to be productive, work together well, and gain the confidence and support of their entire staffs.