Leadership Module

360° leadership development and initiative tracking

McREL’s Leadership Module, developed in partnership with BrightBytes, helps drive transformative change that positively impacts student achievement, helping school and district leaders understand which specific responsibilities to focus on and how to ensure initiatives aligned with critical goals are successfully implemented.


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Grow Leadership Expertise & Increase the Success of Initiatives

BrightBytes and McREL are helping districts meet today’s initiative and management challenges with the Leadership module, an interactive online tool to gauge teacher, principal, and administrator perceptions of key leadership responsibilities and implementation momentum, information that can be used at the school and district level to identify areas of strength and areas of development.  Using an online survey and refreshingly easy-to-understand dashboard, the Leadership module provides a 360° view of school leadership responsibilities and delivers research-based content to grow leadership expertise and ensure major initiatives are implemented successfully. The module tracks the success of initiatives with insight provided by teachers on how they are feeling about what they are being asked to do.

The Leadership Framework

The framework for the Leadership module is built on McREL’s Balanced Leadership® research and analysis, a groundbreaking revelation on the specific school-level leadership responsibilities that are most strongly correlated to higher student achievement. These responsibilities are organized within three domains, each supported with multiple success indicators.