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Classroom Instruction That Works®

McREL’s Classroom Instruction That Works resources and professional learning services give teachers specific strategies they can use in their everyday classroom instruction to help all students learn more, and more deeply.

Drawn from recent, rigorous research and evidence, CITW offers strategies for best first instruction that are shown to have demonstrated a positive impact on students’ academic achievement—including diverse groups of students and those experiencing achievement gaps.

McREL’s CITW resources and services help teachers understand what the strategies are and how and when to use them in the classroom for maximum effect on student learning.

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The New Classroom Instruction That Works!

We’ve recently updated our CITW strategies, drawing on findings from the latest research and evidence that meets What Works Clearinghouse standards. Get your copy of The New Classroom Instruction That Works now. Building on our insights and recommendations from past two editions, this all-new version identifies 14 strategies for best first instruction that align with our Learning That Sticks 6-phase model for student learning.

The best instructional strategies for student learning!

Improving instruction for better student learning requires a thoughtful blending of the science of teaching—using proven instructional strategies and techniques—with the science of learning—knowing how students absorb and process new information and form long-lasting, applicable memory and knowledge.

McREL’s Classroom Instruction That Works books, resources, and professional development services show teachers across all grade levels and subject areas how to connect these sciences and develop stronger lesson plans and deliver more effective best first instruction for all students.

Improving Tier One Instruction

What CITW PD Participants Are Saying . . .

“Having highly effective instructional tools in the hands of our educators has paved a pathway for collaborative and engaging instruction in each classroom. Our educators wouldn’t have had exposure to these effective instructional tools if it were not for this incredible training opportunity.”

Anthonya Kahrs, Northeast Colorado BOCES
Director of Instruction, Accountability, and Learning

Aligned with Learning That Sticks

Our CITW resources and professional learning works with the six-phase model for student learning from our Learning That Sticks book and services. The learning model shows teachers how and why to sequence instruction and learning activities in a way that aligns with brain science on how students process new information and create long-lasting, applicable knowledge. CITW provides specific instructional strategies teachers can use at every stage of the learning model.

Promoting Authentic Student Learning

CITW Consulting & Professional Learning

McREL works with schools and districts to collaboratively examine their current instructional practices and identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth. We then develop and deliver professional learning and coaching that is fine-tuned to the specific needs and goals of their teachers, instructional coaches, central office leaders, and others.

We create a sustainable PD plan for our client schools and districts that makes a lasting difference where it matters most—in students’ learning environment, experiences, and outcomes. With on-site, online, and hybrid services, we can provide school teams with frequent check-ins, visits, coaching, and resources to ensure quality implementation and sustain momentum for continued growth.

Books & Resources

The New Classroom Instruction That Works

Built on a more rigorous research base and updated to emphasize student diversity, equity, and inclusion, The New Classroom Instruction That Works offers a streamlined focus on 14 instructional strategies proven to promote deep, meaningful, and lasting learning.

Research-Based Instructional Strategies That Work

In this quick reference guide based on The New CITW, you’ll learn the what, why, and how of 14 learning strategies that can dramatically improve student performance and close achievement gaps.

Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works: Ready-to-Use Techniques for Increasing Student Achievement

When McREL published Classroom Instruction That Works, we encouraged a generation of educators to focus instruction around nine categories of teaching strategies proven to raise student achievement. This book provides 51 tools that make it easy to implement the strategies across grade levels and content areas. 

Call or email us today to talk with our school partnership team about how CITW can support your school or district goals for teacher professional growth and increases in student achievement.

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