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White Paper | Student Learning That Works: How brain science informs a student learning model (2018)

By April 20, 2018 January 25th, 2019 One Comment

Surgeons learn about the body before operating. So why don’t more teachers learn about the brain before educating? In this free white paper, McREL CEO Bryan Goodwin makes the case for incorporating brain science into the practice of teaching. Knowing how memory works can suggest classroom tactics that aid the acquisition and recall of information, he says. Furthermore, adopting a model for learning, rather than relying solely on the increasingly common (and increasingly detailed) instructional framework, can help teachers layer innovation upon tradition, in much the same way that models help screenwriters and composers to be creative within the audience’s expectations.

Goodwin, B. (2018) Student learning that works: How brain science informs a student learning model. Denver, CO: McREL International.


One Comment