Reimagine your professional development experience with McREL’s professional learning academies and workshops. In our dynamic sessions, you’ll dig deep into research-based instructional and leadership practices that positively influence achievement and help to transform your teaching and leading. Our consultants travel the world to bring our latest insights and professional learning resources to you. Browse our upcoming academies, workshops, conference presentations, and social media events to find ways to connect with fellow educators, add to your professional toolbox, and grow your professional learning network.

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Professional Learning
Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works Academy with Extended Coaching
June 13–14 | Denver, Colorado
October 18–19 | Denver, Colorado

Audience: Teachers, Instructional Coaches, Principals, Central Office PD Leaders

Learn practical instructional tools from the book, Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works. Aligned with McREL’s renowned Classroom Instruction That Works strategies and framework, this two-day academy will deliver an intensive learning, working, and planning session for classroom teachers, instructional coaches, teacher mentors, principals and assistant principals, and central office PD leaders. Participants will also receive a personal copy of the book Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works, and extended virtual coaching during the 2018–19 school year.

Helping English Language Learners Flourish Workshop
June 18–19 | Denver, Colorado

Audience: Classroom Teachers, ELL Teachers, Instructional Coaches, Principals, Central Office ELL Supervisors


This two-day professional learning workshop will help all teachers—general education and ELL specialists—apply effective research-based instructional strategies to the five stages of language acquisition and develop students’ English language fluency during subject-matter instruction.

Participants will receive and work through a copy of the book Classroom Instruction That Works with English Language Learners, and extended virtual coaching during the 2018–19 school year.

Managing Change: Evidence-based Strategies for Starting and Sustaining New Policies, Practices, and Processes Workshop
July 12–13 | Denver, Colorado
October 11–12 | Denver, Colorado

Audience: Principals, Central Office Leaders, Superintendents



Change is constant in schools: every new program, policy, or procedure comes with the need to implement and manage change well.  Attend this research- and evidence-based session to learn the keys to helping your school team not just survive change, but thrive in it. Participants will also receive extended virtual coaching during the 2018–19 school year.

We highly recommend reading Balanced Leadership for Powerful Learning for this workshop. Once registered, you will receive a special discount code to receive 20% off your purchase of this book in our bookstore.

How to Move Your School from Improvement to Innovation: A Guided Pathway for Success Workshop
July 19–20 | Denver, Colorado
September 27–28 | Denver, Colorado

Audience: Teacher Leaders, Principals, Central Office PD Leaders, Superintendents



Learn why curiosity is an important lever for learning and how to cultivate it in teachers, leaders, and learners using the five improvement and innovation pathways found in McREL’s Curiosity Works™ approach. You’ll leave this intensive two-day session with an understanding of the important differences between an inside-out, curiosity-driven approach to school improvement and an outside-in or top-down approach. Learn how to focus for improvement or innovation and identification of high-leverage strategies for action and gain an understanding of the importance of monitoring change, both for the organization and for individuals. Participants will also receive extended virtual coaching during the 2018–19 school year.

We highly recommend reading Curiosity Works: A Guidebook for Moving Your School from Improvement to Innovation for this workshop. Once registered, you will receive a special discount code to receive 20% off your purchase of this book in our bookstore.

Classroom Instruction That Works
Authorized Facilitator Training
August 6–9 | Denver, Colorado

Audience: PD Leaders, Instructional Coaches, Principals, Regional ESA Trainers

Attend our Classroom Instruction That Works (CITW) facilitator training session to deepen your understanding of the nine categories of effective, research-based instructional strategies and learn best practices and structures for delivering high-quality CITW workshops on your own.

  • Deepen your understanding of the research-based CITW instructional strategies and associated classroom activities.
  • Learn how to help teachers apply the instructional strategies to their lesson design and delivery.
  • Get best practices for leading effective adult learning and professional development.
  • Practice delivering lessons and participate in quality assurance steps to become an authorized facilitator.

Upon successful completion of this training, you will be authorized to deliver multiple CITW PD workshops to educators in your own school district or education service agency area (BOCES, ESCs, ESUs, RESAs, etc.) for a period of one year. Annual re-authorization is available.

Instructional Coaching That Works Workshop
September 20–21 | Denver, Colorado

Audience: Teachers, Instructional Coaches, Principals, Central Office PD Leaders

Learn a new, more effective approach to instructional coaching that is focused on “inside-out,” strengths-based peer coaching that brings small teams of teachers together, building on the bright spots while learning and growing as peers and professionals. You’ll leave this session knowing how to create belief among your school team that personal and collective growth are possible, and use data to drive coaching decisions that will have positive effects on outcomes that matter to all. Participants will also receive extended virtual coaching during the 2018–19 school year.

Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works: Classroom-Ready Techniques for Increasing Student Achievement
October 16 | Covina, California
November 1 | Fairfield, California

Teachers, Instructional Coaches, Teacher Mentors, Principals, Assistant Principals, District/County PD Leaders

Presented in partnership with California ASCD, these one-day professional learning sessions will give participants a variety of practical tools, tips, and recommendations from the 2018 McREL book, Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works. Participants will practice using tools that help create an engaging learning environment, help students develop understanding, and help students extend and apply their knowledge. The events are open to all educators; California ASCD members receive a discounted rate.

Unleashing Student Curiosity to Learn Workshop
October 25–26 | Denver, Colorado

Audience: Teachers, Instructional Coaches, Principals, Central Office PD Leaders


Explore why and how curiosity can be sparked and sustained within your students, helping them become engaged, motivated, self-directed learners who “own” their educational journeys. Get tools, tips, and ideas for creating challenging learning tasks and higher-order questions that push students to deeper levels of content understanding and application. Participants will also receive extended virtual coaching during the 2018–19 school year.

We highly recommend reading Unleashing Curiosity with Challenging Learning Tasks for this workshop. Once registered, you will receive a special discount code to receive 20% off your purchase of this quick guide in our bookstore.

Conference Sessions & Keynotes
ACSA Summer Principals Institutes
June 24–30 | UCLA Campus, California

Join McREL at the Association of California School Administrators’ summer institutes for current and aspiring principals to examine crucial school reform topics and foster better professional practice and leadership skills. ACSA’s programming gives administrators invaluable days of study, reflection, and discourse with experts and fellow school leaders. McREL school and system improvement expert Kristin Rouleau will present two sessions during the institutes.

Principals’ Summer Institute (June 24–30)
Leading Change: Understanding How Thinking Preferences Influence and Support Positive Organizational Change
 Kristin Rouleau
Date and time: TBD

New and Aspiring Principals’ Institute (June 25–29)
Creating Purposeful Community
 Kristin Rouleau
Date and time: TBD

NASSP National Principals Conference
July 11–13 | Chicago, Illinois

How do we create learning environments that unleash student curiosity? It starts with educators. Join McREL staff at the NASSP National Principals Conference for our session on cultivating teacher curiosity and identifying and leverage bright spots to move your school along an improvement continuum that includes adopting better routines, ensuring consistency of those routines, developing professional expertise, and ultimately, encouraging innovative practices.

Session: Curiosity Works: Leveraging Bright Spots for Curiously Good School Improvement
: Kristin Rouleau
Location: McCormick Place West Bldg. – 474AB
Date and time: July 13, 8:45–9:45 a.m.


High Schools That Work National Conference
July 11–14 | Orlando, Florida

The 32nd annual HSTW Staff Development Conference provides a platform for K-12 educators to share innovative school improvement strategies to prepare students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in college and careers. Join McREL education expert Jane Hill for a session on using reciprocal teaching strategies to increase students’ reading proficiency.

Session: Understanding Reading via Reciprocal Teaching
: Jane Hill
Location: Sun Ballroom A
Date and time: Thursday, July 12, 3:30 p.m.


Social Media Events

Twitter Slow Chats

Looking to grow your professional learning network? Join us for our weeklong Twitter slow chats, where participants share best practices, strategies, and common (or uncommon) struggles and successes.

Follow us on Twitter and use the hashtag #McRELchat to share your thoughts and ideas with other educators.


June 18–24 | What are the most important elements in building trust within your school or district?

June 25–July 1 | Is your school improvement plan a top-down or inside-out approach? How do you know?

July 2–8 | We will take a break during the week of July 4th. Happy Independence Day to all our U.S. colleagues!

July 9–15 | If you could develop and implement PD for the next school year, what would it be?

July 16–22 | McREL Book study of Balanced Leadership for Powerful Learning

Join us for an online book study during our McREL Twitter slow chat. We will be discussing Balanced Leadership for Powerful Learning. Purchase your copy of this book in the McREL Bookstore, and use the code: BOOKSTUDY15 to receive a 15% discount on this book. (Code good through June 30, 2018.)

July 23–29 | What do you do to create an authentic learning experience for students?