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White Paper | The Road Less Traveled: Changing Schools from the Inside Out (2015)

By December 30, 2015 December 16th, 2019 No Comments

In this white paper, McREL’s Bryan Goodwin urges education leaders and policymakers to rethink the way we’ve been approaching reform for the past three decades and consider what might happen if we improved schools not from the top down but instead from the inside out—putting curiosity at the center of learning and unleashing a powerful, more engaging system of schooling.

Goodwin shows how schools can flip the top-down paradigm by taking a few key, consistent actions that put student engagement, motivation, and true problem-solving at the heart of teaching and learning to create new, more powerful outcomes that set students up for lifelong success.

Goodwin, B. (2015). The road less traveled: Changing schools from the inside out. Denver, CO: McREL International.


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