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Pursuing Greatness – Resources | Problem of Practice #25

By September 19, 2019October 14th, 20192 Comments

Welcome, Pursuing Greatness readers!

Whether you used the book to tackle one or all 24 of the problems of practice we discussed, you’ve strengthened your ability to self-reflect on your teaching, empowering your own professional development and also empowering your students to engage with and “own” more of their learning. Congrats on that journey!

Now’s your turn to translate what you’ve learned along the way and apply it to a 25th problem of practice, one that wasn’t covered in the book but that you see in your own classroom.

Problem of Practice #25

Before plunging in, let’s review our Theory of Action:

IF we start with key problems of practice, use research-based best practices to solve them, and reflect on our practice as teachers, THEN we will become more expert in our practice, better able to meet our students’ needs, and engaged in career-long professional growth that will allow us to become amazing, unstoppable teachers in whose classrooms learning will flourish.

Now, you can create your own personalized problem of practice solution pathway!

Download our free template to state your Problem of Practice #25 and develop questions for each phase of the Teacher Talent Development Pathway.

Teacher Talent Development Pathway









A Message from the Authors

As you tackle your problem of practice, we’d love to hear how it’s going for you. Please comment using the form below to send us questions you have, celebrations to share, tips you’ve discovered that might help others, and challenges you’re having. We’ll post our responses here as often as we can.

Good luck on your growth journey!

Pete, Alisa, Bryan, Bj, and Bess

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