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Keys to Success for the First 5 Days of School

By August 2, 2022No Comments

August 2, 2022 – In this Edutopia post, McREL instructional expert Cheryl Abla gives teachers several quick and easy tips for creating a “just right” classroom environment during the first five days of school.

With the school year starting soon across the U.S., teachers in any school can use these strategies and activities to help all of their students feel welcomed in the class and prepared to have a productive, engaged, and rewarding school year.

Cheryl presents specific ideas for each day. For example, she suggests using the first day of school to focus on “getting to know you” activities, so that you and your students can learn each other’s names and interests and begin forming positive relationships. Day two can focus on learning about classroom and schoolwide norms and procedures. Day three can shift to discussing big picture learning goals, academic expectations, and how learning will occur. For each day, she also gives practical examples of classroom activities teachers and students can do to accomplish that day’s goals.

Read the full article and get all the details at Edutopia.

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