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White Paper | Improving Teacher Practice: Debunking the Myth of the Performance Plateau (2018)

By August 29, 2018November 18th, 2020No Comments

The CEOs of two of America’s leading education consultancies join forces to argue for school districts to play a more active role in teacher development. The “disheartening” but tenacious myth that new teachers improve for a few years and then coast is dangerous because it causes HR departments to focus on the wrong things, write Bryan Goodwin and William Slotnik. Newer studies have debunked the “performance plateau” and should lead districts in the direction of career-long development for career-long improvement. They propose a four-part plan for making it happen, and point out that a handful of districts have already started.

Goodwin, B., & Slotnik, W. (2018). Improving teacher practice: Debunking the myth of the performance plateau. Denver, CO and Boston, MA: McREL International and Community Training and Assistance Center.

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