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White Paper | Curiosity Works: Moving your school from improvement to innovation (2018)

By January 8, 2018 January 25th, 2019 No Comments

What if every student were curious, self-motivated, and passionate about their learning? Wouldn’t our classrooms be more joyful and dynamic and our schools be more innovative? In this white paper, Kristin Rouleau lays the groundwork for a powerful new model for school improvement—an inside-out, curiosity-driven approach—that looks for and builds on schools’ bright spots in ways that go beyond improvement and help unleash both student and educator curiosity. This innovative approach relies on a school’s readiness to commit to shared values within a purposeful community, a focus on teaching and learning, support for professional growth among teachers using a triad peer coaching model, and a consistent, deep practice that weathers the storms of change.

Rouleau, K. (2018) Curiosity Works: Moving your school from improvement to innovation. Denver, CO: McREL International.