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Classroom Walkthroughs: Where Data-Gathering and Relationship-Building Meet for School Improvement

By November 12, 2020April 19th, 2024No Comments

Classroom walkthrough observations can be valuable as an informal school-improvement tactic. They can help instructional coaches, principals, and even fellow teachers get a better picture of what’s going on across multiple classrooms in a school. This information can then be used to inform decisions about coaching, professional learning, and additional supports that would help teachers and students be even more successful.

As with any tactic, it’s a good idea to know what strategy your walkthroughs are intended support before entering that first classroom door. There are different varieties of walkthrough, each suited to a different purpose as part of your overall school-improvement strategy. The variations among them can be subtle. Match the walkthrough to what you’re trying to accomplish, and you’ll have a powerful addition to your data collection plan to inform progress.

A mismatch, on the other hand, can mean squandered time and effort, and a missed opportunity to build staff cohesion.

In this paper, we highlight the research and evidence base supporting walkthroughs and describe how to match the right type of walkthrough to your school’s goals.

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