Center for Learning Innovation

McREL operates three centers that focus our consulting and research and evaluation work into three areas that matter most for improving the quality of education: educator effectiveness, systems transformation, and learning innovation.  

The Center for Learning Innovation develops new models and approaches to help content providers and educators improve learning for all ages and in all settings—in the classroom and during out-of-school time—with culturally relevant, contextually based, and personally meaningful experiences that prepare them for lifelong learning.

Our research- and standards-based products and services focus on the following areas: curriculum alignment and guaranteed and viable curriculum; experiential learning; STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) curriculum; public engagement; early childhood education; career and technical education; and one of the hallmark programs at McREL: standards analysis, including aligning standards and instruction to the Common Core and implementation guidance.  

Center Director: Sheila Arens

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