Teacher & Leader Evaluations

Research-based evaluation frameworks for professional growth

McREL’s decades of comprehensive research and analysis of effective teaching and leadership have revealed what actions, behaviors, and responsibilities lead to professional growth and optimal teaching and learning outcomes. From this knowledge base, we’ve created evaluation frameworks for teachers, principals, central office administrators, and superintendents that are reliable, validated, research-based, and growth oriented.

We deliver these frameworks in an easy-to-use online system in partnership with PeopleAdmin, a leader in creating flexible, efficient, digital workflows for K–12 and higher education human resource operations.


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McREL evaluation frameworks housed in the PeopleAdmin system include:

Teacher Evaluation System – Standards Based

Research-based and aligned with the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards, this rubric-based process measures teacher performance on specific actions linked to student achievement and identifies opportunity areas for professional development. The easy-to-use software allows you to aggregate data, customize reports, generate action plans, and track teacher performance over time.

Teacher Evaluation System – CUES Framework

Based on the proven instructional strategies in Classroom Instruction That Works, the CUES Framework focuses on evaluating teacher growth, reinforcing teachers’ depth of knowledge (Content) and their abilities to deliver high-quality instruction (Understanding), creating conditions that support learning for all students (Environment), and using resources to inspire rigorous learning (Support).

Principal Evaluation System – Balanced Leadership Based

Are your principals leading instruction effectively? Conveying clear goals? Establishing order and discipline while serving as agents for change? Chart a course for principal improvement that is consistent, objective, and easy to report on and track. Our principal evaluation training for district personnel ensures everyone understands the nuances of a balanced approach to leadership and is ready to use the new system on day one.

Superintendent and Central Office Administrators Evaluation System

District leadership makes a difference, and effective administrators and superintendents focus on creating goal-oriented districts. Our evaluation system for central office leaders and superintendents measures performance on the most important practices and gives specific recommendations for improvement. Evaluation data can be combined with student performance data to give a complete picture of the effect system leaders are having on student success.