Our depth of research, analysis, and strategies for improving teaching, leading, and systemic coherence has valuable application beyond the consulting and training we deliver directly for our clients. McREL partners with several companies who use our collection of knowledge and resources to create new products and services to help educators.

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Leadership Module

Grounded in McREL’s leadership research, the BrightBytes Leadership module provides a 360° view of the effectiveness of school leadership, identifies areas in need of improvement, and provides content to grow leadership expertise. The module also tracks the success of initiatives by providing insight about teacher perceptions.


EmpowerED Suite & Power Walkthrough®

McREL partners with Harris School Solutions, a web-based software and technology company, to deliver our EmpowerED Suite of digital instructional coaching tools, including our popular Power Walkthrough system that helps principals and instructional coaches use informal classroom observations to drive great PD and coaching conversations.


Teacher & Leader Evaluations

McREL has created research-based, growth-oriented frameworks and rubrics for evaluating teachers, principals, central office administrators, and superintendents, and we partner with PeopleAdmin to deliver these frameworks to our school and district clients in an efficient, easy to use, cloud-based tech platform.