Technology alone will not magically transform the teaching and learning that is happening in your classrooms and systems. However, when you pair sound pedagogy with intentional use of technology to support learning objectives, the results can be dramatic. We help schools and districts be thoughtful about strategically planning their technology adoptions and initiatives, including the PD and coaching that staff will need in order for the initiative to succeed and make a difference. We can also be there with you while you implement a technology plan or one-to-one initiative that enhances instruction and works for your students and staff, guiding the rollout and monitoring outcomes for continuous improvement.

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Technology for Instruction

We’ll help you determine which technologies best support your classroom learning objectives—using the nine categories of instructional strategies found in our book, Using Technology with Classroom Instruction That Works—to ensure the tools you use are effective and engaging, not just the latest gadgets. Our services and workshops provide assessment of your teachers’ and students’ use of technology, guidance on implementing specific software programs and apps (including iOS), an audit of your school or district’s technology infrastructure, and suggestions for using online resources.

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Technology Audit

This comprehensive analysis of your school or district’s current use of technology includes a teacher technology survey to measure staff comfort with and use of technology; interviews with teachers and principals; targeted professional development; a series of focus groups with district stakeholders; and classroom walkthroughs to collect data on strategies and technologies teachers are using, the context of instruction, and the learning that is occurring. In our final report, we’ll present all the data and provide recommendations and action steps for your school or district technology plan.

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