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Efficacy Study

Imagine Learning and McREL are seeking K–2 classrooms to participate in an efficacy study of the Imagine Learning Language & Literacy software program.

Imagine Language & Literacy is a research-based curriculum designed to build language and literacy skills among students in kindergarten through fifth grade through individualized, engaging instruction. The instructional software has over 4,300 activities and resources available in 15 languages. This study is for K–2 classrooms.

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 Imagine Language & Literacy Research

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Please note that current users of Imagine Learning Language & Literacy software program are not eligible for this study.

About Imagine Language &  Literacy

Imagine Language & Literacy is designed to help students gain critical language and literacy skills through thousands of engaging activities, videos, songs, and games—for results educators see and students feel.

About This Study

Schools will participate in a research study to measure changes in K–2 students’ language development and reading skills while using the Imagine Learning Language & Literacy program. Educators will administer DIBELS Next (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) to measure any changes, helping Imagine Learning improve the efficacy of its products.

Why Participate?

• FREE access to Imagine Learning products

• Money donated to your schools/district

• Free training and implementation services

• Efficacy research that meets ESSA standards

Please complete this form to indicate your interest in participating in this study. We will contact you with further information.

Please note that current users of Imagine Learning Language & Literacy software program are not eligible for this study.

Imagine Learning

“I have twenty-two students right now and they are all at a different level. So being able to give them a tool that meets them at their level and grows with them is huge.”

– Lauren Williams, first-grade teacher, Harding Elementary School (PA)