Conference | Colorado Association of School Executives Leadership Convention

July 24–28, 2017 | Breckenridge, Colorado

Join McREL staff at the Colorado Association of School Executives (CASE) summer leadership convention for insights and strategies to improve, accelerate, and innovate teaching and learning. McREL’s sessions:

Preconference session: Growth Mindset: Making it More Than a Buzzword
Tuesday, July 25, 1—4:30 p.m., with Whitney Cobb and retired superintendent Dr. Diana Sirko
Participants will gain a deeper understanding of growth mindset research, as well as learn about valuable tools and techniques to make growth mindset a part of their school culture – and not just a buzzword.

Session #01: Leveraging Bright Spots for Curiously Good School Improvement
Wednesday, July 26, 10:30 a.m. with Dr. Dale Lewis and Kris Rouleau
Traditional approaches to school improvement often focus on fitting new policies and programs to existing school and district contexts. What would happen if we repositioned school improvement and innovation efforts from the inside-out, empowering teachers to study and apply research-based practices with increasingly greater sophistication, gaining a deeper understanding of their students and the importance of inquiry?

Session #51: Focusing on What Matters Most
Thursday, July 27, 10:30 a.m., with Dr. Tony Davis
Learn the leadership practices that are closely aligned with selecting the right work to transform instructional practices in schools and explore the key touchstones from the What Matters Most Framework–a research-informed framework for identifying opportunities to strengthen district, school and classroom outcomes.

Session #72: Inside-Out Instructional Coaching: Helping Teachers Flourish
Thursday, July 27, 1:45 p.m., with Dr. Bj Stone and instructional coaches from Weld County School District #1
Instructional coaches in Weld County School District #1, working with McREL, are using a unique inside-out coaching model using triad teams that yield powerful professional learning and improved teacher practice. This interactive session will give an understanding of the inside-out approach and tools for creating, calibrating, and guiding triad teams.

To learn more and register, please visit the conference website.