Conference | American Evaluation Association National Conference

November 6–11, 2017 | Washington, D.C.

Join McREL researchers and evaluators at AEA’s 31st Annual Conference to share and explore best practices in evaluation and learn how evaluation projects can help create better practices and outcomes in education. Sessions presented by McREL staff include:

Session: Developing a classroom observation protocol when treatment and control classrooms don’t look anything like each other
Presenters: Phillip Herman, Karen Bumgardner, Ashli Knotts, and Kevin Knoster
Date and time: Thursday, November 9, 3:15–4:15pm

Session: Coaching Evaluative Thinking: Meaningful Client Engagement in a Small-Scale Quasi-Experimental Study
Presenters: Sheila Arens, Kevi Mace, and Barbara Kruger (VocabularySpellingCity)
Date and time: Friday, November 10, 5:30–6:15pm

Session: Helping Decision-Makers Understand Problems of Practice: An Example from the Pacific Region
Presenters: Phillip Herman and Sheila Arens
Date and time: Saturday, November 11, 11:15am–12:00pm

For more information, please visit the conference website.