Authorized Facilitator Training | Classroom Instruction That Works

June 26-30, 2017 | Denver, Colorado

Attend our Classroom Instruction That Works (CITW) workshop and authorized facilitator training to learn McREL’s research-based instructional strategies and effective methods to help other teachers learn and implement these strategies in their classrooms.

The first three days of this training will solidify your understanding of the nine CITW categories of instructional strategies and an instructional planning framework that maximizes the strategies’ effectiveness. The final two days will prepare you to become an authorized facilitator of CITW workshops in your own district or region. During these two days you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of the research-based instructional strategies and associated activities
  • Learn how to assist teachers in applying the instructional strategies to lesson design
  • Discuss how to lead professional development and practice the delivery of a lesson
  • Participate in quality assurance steps necessary to become an authorized facilitator of McREL’s CITW workshop

Upon successful completion of this training you will be authorized to deliver CITW workshops to educators in your district or service area for a period of one year (annual re-authorization available). Your district or organization will retain 100 percent of any tuition or fees you charge for the trainings that you deliver during the year.

Facilitator training is ideal for school district professional development staff, regional education service agency staff, and state- and national-level professional association staff.

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