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McREL’s Dr. Karen Baptiste explains difference between equity and equality in EdWeek column

By May 13, 2024May 15th, 2024No Comments

May 2023 | There is an important distinction between equality and equity in the classroom, Dr. Karen Baptiste, McREL’s senior consultant, explains in the latest issue of EdWeek’s Classroom Q&A column with Larry Ferlazzo. “Equality pushes for everyone to get the same thing, while equity is about giving every student what they need to be successful,” she writes.

Karen, along with other industry experts, answers the prompt: Equity? Equality? How Educators Can Tell the Difference. A push for equality—believing everyone should get the same treatment and resources—does not best support all students. But equity acknowledges and addresses the unique needs of each student, and it should be the goal for every classroom, she writes.

Learn more about the differences and how she says we can best support individual students in her response, available here.

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