Research & Evaluation

For quality research, timely results, and objective, actionable findings that help you address your most pressing education needs, start with McREL. Using approaches and methodologies that work for your context, your budget, and your schedule, our researchers and evaluators conduct scientifically based research on education programs, products, and policies and provide you with results you can use to guide mid-course corrections.

Our clients include federal, state, and local education agencies, foundations, nonprofit and community organizations, education publishers, program developers, and corporations.

No matter how big or small, bring us your research question. We’ll help you find the answer.

Is your school or district’s curriculum aligned with your standards? Your assessments? Is your STEM program working? A McREL curriculum review and analysis can help your school, district, or state answer these questions and more.


Are your instructional practices and strategies helping all students achieve to high levels? An instructional audit by McREL can help you find out.

Want to know how to use formative assessment data to guide instruction? We know that high-quality assessment is complex, so McREL offers evaluation and planning services to help your district or school understand the benefits and uses of formative assessment data. 


Extracurricular programs, such as preschool, out-of-school-time, and college prep programs, programs are an opportunity to prepare and support the whole child beyond the traditional school day.


What’s working in your district? What’s not? McREL helps your district analyze its current reform programs and identify opportunities for improvement.


At McREL, our research and evaluation staff can help you take a “balcony view” of your school improvement initiatives, including those for professional development efforts, to determine what’s working, what’s not, and what to do next.


Learn more about our program evaluation services for K-12 districts, colleges and universities, state and federal agencies, and education companies.

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