Noteworthy Perspectives: High Reliability Organizations in Education

Author(s): , Thomas Bellamy, Jim Eck, David Reynolds, Eugene Schaffer, Sam Stringfield

Audience(s): Administrators and Policymakers

Product Description:

The authors of this monograph assert that by assisting school systems to more closely resemble "high reliability" organizations (HROs) that already exist in other industries and benchmarking against top-performing education systems from around the globe, America's school systems can transform themselves from compliance-driven bureaucracies to world-class organizations.

Key Ideas:

This issue of Noteworthy explains that providing a "best in the world" education involves knowing "what works extremely well" and delivering it with remarkable reliability. Stringfield, Reynolds, and Schaffer focus on methods for improving the reliability of educational reform efforts. Bellamy describes the distinctive organizational accomplishments of HROs, the two modes in which successful HRO leaders operate, and the areas where HRO principles do and do not transfer well to education practice and leadership.

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APA Citation:

Eck, J., Stringfield, S., Reynolds, D., Schaffer, E., & Bellamy, G. T. (2011). Noteworthy Perspectives: High Reliability Organizations in education. Denver, CO: McREL.

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