A Teacher's Tool for Reflective Practice: Racial and Cultural Differences in American Indian Students' Classrooms

Author(s): Helen Apthorp, Mariana Enriquez-Olmos, Freya Kinner

Audience(s): Teachers and Administrators

Product Description:

This self-reflection journaling tool is intended to provide teachers and their colleagues with the opportunity to reflect on cultural differences between themselves and their students.

Key Ideas:

Through journaling and small study groups, teachers can reflect on their day-to-day work, the school context, and alternative interaction styles and contexts for learning.

APA Citation:

Apthorp, H., Kinner, F., & Enriquez-Olmos, M. (2005). A teacher's tool for reflective practice: Racial and cultural differences in American Indian students' classrooms. Aurora, CO: Mid-continent Research for Education & Learning.

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