Success in Sight

Success in Sight: A Comprehensive Approach to School Improvement is a “less-is-more” approach to school improvement that helps schools raise student achievement and engage in continuous, sustainable improvement that builds on past successes.

Key Ideas:

We work side by side with you to customize an improvement plan, and then provide hands-on guidance to help you:

  • Develop shared leadership
  • Use data to make decisions
  • Establish a purposeful community
  • Use research-based practices
  • Use continuous improvement practice

Our comprehensive approach is best delivered over three years and includes professional development for leadership teams as well as onsite visits by our consultants to provide technical assistance for the teams’ school improvement initiatives. Overviews of four Success in Sight modules are offered as workshops or webinars:

The Power of Data shows how using data properly can transform student achievement.

Create a High-Performance School Culture is for school leadership teams who want to learn about the effects of change and how to develop the trust, mindset, and relationships that lead to a high-performance school culture.

10 Steps to Initiate Shared Leadership shows how to most effectively organize leadership teams.

Monitoring the Implementation and Effectiveness of Improvement Efforts focuses on monitoring and adjusting implementation initiatives and measuring their impact on student achievement.

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"The [Success in Sight] process improves a lot more than just your test scores. It improves literally every aspect of the school—how we interact with each other as staff members, how we work with kids, what we’re teaching those kids, and what the climate of our school is."

Kathy Johannsen, School Coordinator Alcester-Hudsaon Elementary, Alcester, SD