Power Walkthrough

Power Walkthrough

Our Power Walkthrough® professional development and software help turn your brief classroom walkthroughs into meaningful opportunities for coaching teachers to higher levels of performance and guiding staff development efforts.

Power Walkthrough software, based on McREL’s Classroom Instruction That Works, 2nd edition (CITW), can be loaded on your iPad®/iPhone®/iTouch®, Android™, or Tablet PC . McREL offers four training options for school leaders who purchase the software, designed to help school leaders gain a practical understanding of the CITW strategies, how they improve student learning, and how to identify their use in the classroom.

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Contact: Lisa Maxfield

Audience: Administrators and Teachers

Key Ideas:

You will learn how to use our observation software to collect data on:

  • The extent to which teachers use instructional strategies from Classroom Instruction That Works, 2nd edition
  • The use of technology in the classroom and the level of student engagement
  • The level of instructional rigor, as measured by Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • The context of instruction (e.g., whole group, cooperative groups, pairs)
  • The indicators of learning (e.g., peer teaching, simulating/modeling, student writing)

Our training options include:

  1. Video Training Package
  2. On location two-day workshop
  3. Two-day workshop in Denver, CO
  4. Three-day Train-the-Trainer seminar

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"We love the Power Walkthrough software. I strongly feel that informal observations are extremely powerful in providing data to drive instruction and ultimately help with student achievement."

Cathy Ciolino, Principal St. Lawrence Catholic School, Utica, MI