Power Walkthrough Coach

Make your informal observations more meaningful and coach teachers to a deeper level of improvement with Power Walkthrough CoachTM. Built on our successful walkthrough model and the research-based strategies of Classroom Instruction That Works (2nd ed.), this software can be loaded onto any mobile device, giving you tools and templates to help look for and collect data on the most important elements of effective teaching.


Contact: Lisa Maxfield

Audience: Administrators and Teachers

Key Ideas:

Power Walkthrough comes with two easy-to-use templates:

  • The 35-minute observation template focuses on teachers’ use of instructional strategies, how students interact, and other teacher practices that research has shown influence student learning. The data collected helps administrators and/or instructional coaches see aggregate patterns in classroom practice, plan needs-driven professional development, and make pedagogical improvements.
  • The template includes tools and protocols designed to enhance professional dialogue with teachers based on walkthrough data and lesson observations. Used by administrators, instructional coaches, or small, collaborative groups of teachers, this template allows for a deeper level of coaching, building a common vocabulary, and allowing peers to learn from each other.

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Training is required. Options include the Video Training Package and a two-day workshop at your location.

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"This is the first time all of our administrators are trained in a common language and know what to look for in instruction. This has made them true instructional leaders."

Judith Koru, Assistant Superintendent Millville Public Schools, Cumberland County, NJ