Personnel Evaluation

Our personnel evaluation systems improve teacher and principal performance by focusing on what matters most in teaching and leadership practices. The evaluations include multiple indicators and Web-based tracking and reporting of results. We can also tailor either system to your school or district needs.

Key Ideas:

Teacher Evaluation System

  • Aligned with the national standards for teachers
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement and provides a map for professional growth
  • Scientifically validated measurement instrument
  • Provides clear measures of competencies so that evaluations are consistent

Principal Evaluation System

  • Based on McREL’s Balanced Leadership® research of what principal behaviors matter most to student performance
  • Provides feedback that principals can use to grow as professionals as well as improve their school’s performance
  • Provides clear measures of competencies so that evaluations are consistent

Read how McREL’s principal evaluation components compare to InTASC and ISLLC standards.

Read 10 Questions about Personnel Evaluation Systems to help determine your evaluation needs.

Standards Evaluation and Analysis Services for Personnel Evaluation

Our expert standards analysts can help ensure the quality of your standards for teachers and principals by:

  • Comparing your teacher or principal standards to national and state models
  • Providing recommendations for improvement in clarity, organization, and language
  • Identifying missing topics and those that can be further developed

For more information, demonstrations, and purchases of McREL’s teacher and principal evaluation systems, please contact our business partners at SearchSoft Solutions at or 800-977-6735.

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Region 18 ESC has approved our systems for use in eight districts. Find out how our systems align with local expectations and needs.

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Our systems meet the Kansas KEEP criteria and are approved for use statewide. Read more about our standards and rubrics.

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CCOSA has scheduled 2013-14 McREL principal evaluation trainings for new administrators in Oklahoma.

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