Common Core

The Common Core State Standards have given educators a unique opportunity to transform schools and classrooms into environments where all students can succeed. As a leader in standards-based education for nearly two decades, McREL’s suite of solutions takes the guesswork out of the Common Core so you can ensure all teachers consistently provide students with successful learning opportunities, and leaders understand how to effectively guide implementation of more rigorous standards.

Key Ideas:

Customized services

Understand the Common Core and its implications for learning

Our consultants can help you and your staff  gain a deeper understanding of the standards and how to implement them in a way that improves learning.

Align district curricula to Common Core 

Our experienced curriculum team can help you wherever you are in the curriculum alignment process. We can help revise and align existing curricula and develop curriculum guides and support materials.

Translate the Common Core into classroom practice

We’ll show teachers of any level how to use research-based instructional strategies that help students rise to the challenge of the Common Core standards.

Ensure implementation success

Our Balanced Leadership® program gives school leaders the tools and resources they need to ensure effective school-wide implementation of Common Core curriculum. In addition, we serve as coaches and guides to provide your school with ongoing implementation support.

Aligning Early Learning Standards and Curricula to the Common Core

We will help your district or state not only develop their own early learning standards but also close the gap between those standards and the Common Core State Standards.

Prepare Young Children for the Common Core Using Developmentally Appropriate Practices

This workshop equips early childhood educators with the tools and resources to prepare their students for Common Core-based curricula.

Powerful resources

Understanding the Common Core State Standards

This book, written by McREL standards expert John Kendall, puts the Common Core in context and discusses the benefits of and concerns about implementation.

Compendium of Standards and Benchmarks for K–12 Education

This online database presents a comprehensive set of national, state, and Common Core standards in an easy-to-read and consistent format that links to lesson plans and resources.

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Measured Progress

McREL and Measured Progress have partnered to provide a comprehensive suite of tools to help schools, districts, and states implement the Common Core State Standards.

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