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Changing Schools vol. 70, Winter 2013/2014
School improvement and beyond: What it takes to transform your system

Changing Schools
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Here’s a look at the articles in this issue:

  • Using data to drive conversations, make decisions, and take action is the subject of Bryan Goodwin’s “Using Data to Create Continuous Improvement Opportunities.”
  • Researcher Roger Goddard and Lead Consultant Emily Steele write about the powerful effect of leadership on collaboration and collective efficacy.
  • Heather Hein talks to one school improvement expert about focusing on small, manageable changes that lead to larger-scale changes.
  • Establishing shared leadership and the right protocols are school improvement “must-haves.” Roger Fiedler writes about how to get started.
  • Continuous improvement is helping one New York district focus squarely on the needs of its students. Heather Hein profiles the Mount Vernon City School District.
  • Bryan Goodwin wraps it up with a reminder that students, not just teachers or leaders, are crucial to school improvement efforts.
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