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Changing Schools vol. 72, Fall 2014
Coaching that makes a difference 

How do we develop—not just hire, manage, and evaluate, but truly develop—the next generation of great teachers and school leaders? Throughout an educator’s career, it takes a combination of thoughtful, strategic training and coaching to fully realize his or her potential. 

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Here’s a look at the articles in this issue:

  • A new integrative approach to leadership coaching: McREL’s Jim Eck and Matt Seebaum write about a rigorous, systematic way to improve leadership at all levels.
  • The importance of informal observations: McREL’s Andrew Kerr and Lisa Maxfield explain why it’s more important than ever for teachers to get feedback that truly helps them improve.
  • Winning with coaching: Researchers and education leaders Bruce Joyce, David Hopkins, and Emily Calhoun give their insights on linking professional learning and peer coaching.
  • Coaching helps reduce variability in growing district: Heather Hein tells the story of a Tennessee district that is successfully building the capacity of current and future leaders.
  • Altering our mindset about teacher evaluation: McREL’s new CEO Bryan Goodwin and award-winning educator and author Pete Hall share thoughts on what truly motivates teachers to change and improve their practice.

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