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McREL Australia

McREL’s office in Melbourne, Victoria, brings research-based services and products such as Classroom Instruction That Works®, Power Walkthrough®, and Balanced Leadership® to educators, schools, and networks across Australia. Our local consultants can help you and your school or network focus on what matters most:

  • Develop highly effective teachers who set high expectations, build strong relationships with students, and teach with intention.
  • Create a positive and effective school culture by guaranteeing high-quality learning experiences and high expectations for learning and behavior in every classroom. 
  • Become a highly reliable organization through network goal setting, data use, and innovative systems that improve teaching and respond in real time to student failures. 


McREL Australia staff and consultants

Craig_130x140  Executive Director: Wayne Craig

A renowned systems improvement expert and author of Powerful Learning: A Strategy for Systemic Educational Improvement, Wayne joined McREL in 2013 to guide our Melbourne-based team of consultants and researchers in delivering services and solutions across Australia and Asia. In addition, he is integrating elements of Powerful Learning with McREL resources to create a systems-wide approach to developing curious, engaged, and successful learners and educators. Previously, Wayne was a regional director at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in Victoria, where he led a large-scale effort across the Northern Metropolitan Region to raise achievement and produce better outcomes for students


Ross Dean   Director: Ross Dean

Ross is an experienced education leader at both the primary and secondary school levels in Victoria, Australia. As a principal and assistant principal, Ross led innovative approaches to school improvement across Victoria. During his 10 years leading the Victorian Educational Leadership Consortium, Ross focused on the development of emerging leaders and delivered work at a state and national level through the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership and the Queensland Education Leadership Institute. He has been a guest lecturer at Deakin and Monash universities, and has chaired academic advisory committees at Deakin University and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.  As director of McREL Australia, Ross leads a team of highly qualified local consultants who help to improve learning outcomes for students  by providing research-based responses for school systems, networks, and individual schools.


Leonie Dodd Lead Consultant: Leonie Dodd

Leonie has worked as a classroom teacher, music specialist, reading recovery teacher, curriculum consultant, assistant principal, and education consultant in Australia and the United States. Her expertise in literacy includes the strategic, explicit teaching of comprehension strategies, integrating technology into classroom practice, and developing thinking skills in all students. Leonie is an accredited school reviewer in Victoria and has worked with numerous primary and P-12 schools in this role. Leonie works closely with principals, teachers and school communities to build collective knowledge and enable real improvement in student achievement and effective teacher practice.


Martin Buoncristiani  Consultant: Martin Buoncristiani

Martin, a professor of physics emeritus, has been a leader in science and mathematics education at all grade levels for more than 40 years, emphasizing the integration of current research on how people learn into the classroom. He has led the modernizing of teaching and learning strategies, primarily in secondary and tertiary education, and served as an evaluator of the Virginia Standards of Learning in Science. He is an accredited Habits of Mind facilitator, conducts professional development for teachers in the United States and Australia, and is co-author of Developing Mindful Students, Skillful Thinkers, Thoughtful Schools’ (Corwin [USA], 2012 and Hawker Brownlow [Australia], 2013).


Pat Buoncristiani  Consultant: Pat Buoncristiani

Pat has more than 30 years’ experience as a teacher educator, a classroom teacher in the United Kingdom and Australia, and a school principal in both Australia and the United States. She has led professional development in early literacy, curriculum design, and behavior management and has worked as a Habits of Mind facilitator with educators in both Australia and the United States. She is the co-author of Developing Mindful Students, Skillful Thinkers, Thoughtful Schools (Corwin [USA], 2012 and Hawker Brownlow [Australia], 2013).

Julie Chandler  Consultant: Julie Chandler

Julie  is an expert in leadership and school improvement and works as an education consultant in primary and secondary schools and regions across Victoria.  She is an experienced and accredited school reviewer, and has an extensive background as a school principal, school support center manager, and senior leader in the Western Metropolitan Region of Victoria. Julie has a master’s degree in educational leadership and has been a recipient of the Julia Flynn Scholarship and Mt Eliza Business School award.


Muffy Hand  Consultant: Muffy Hand

Muffy is a consultant and facilitator who supports leadership effectiveness and cultural development within organizations and corporate sectors throughout Australia and with clients in the United States and United Kingdom. An experienced leadership and conflict-resolution coach, Muffy is skilled in the design and facilitation of executive development programs and effective and sustainable strategies for managing complex human and cultural dynamics.


McQuilten  Consultant: Mary McQuilten

As a consultant in schools in the Western and Northern regions of Victoria, Mary supports whole-school improvement through the integration of research-based strategies and approaches and evidence-based teaching and learning. She has particular expertise in the areas of literacy and early childhood education. Mary has extensive experience in educational leadership, having served as an accredited assistant principal, acting principal, and acting school support center manager. She has served as a classroom teacher and has worked extensively in multi-age and cross-age teaching and learning settings.

Mary has written a number of curriculum and professional development materials; most recently, she co-authored Teaching Comprehension: An Interactive Professional Development Course (Snowball et. al, 2007) and Comprehension Strategies—Literacy Modules for Grades 6–10 (New York City Department of Education, 2005).


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